Armed And Dangerous, A Noteworthy Comedy Game


Game: Armed & Dangerous (2003)

Developer: Planet Moon Studios

Publisher: LucasArts

Background: I played this game close to when it was first released back in high school. I didn’t bother finishing it then as it was a rental. However, when I saw its low price on Steam, I figured that it would be worthwhile checking out. I’m glad I did. This is a entertaining comedy game that could have come from the writers of Monty Python.


Third person shooters aren’t my favorite games genre. When they’re done right though they can be magnificent this is a third person shooter that has both the comedy and the mechanics done right. Even tropes are well played! Well, mostly.


A shot from the author’s favorite level. The airborne assault on Zitwalla. 

The Good: You’re going to hear some jokes. You are going to laugh at those. You’ll be pleasantly entertained and challenged by the levels that are open battlefields for the most part. You’ll find the foe to be rather stupid when it comes to their tactics though. The enemy’s army is rather steampunk. They have airships and mechas. However they pack their infantry so close together you’d think they were fighting a war in the Napoleonic era. This is to your advantage in the ball turret defense levels. Those are memorable levels alongside the Zitwalla defense level. The village of Zitwalla is under an airborne assault and it is up to the player to defeat the rocket launcher armed paratroopers.

The first ball turret defense level. This was a lot of fun. The dual guns and the framentary mortar shell make close work of the Napoleonic enemy formations. 
Another turret defense level. FYI: Dick Turpin was a famous British outlaw. Much like the Lionhearts which the game follows. 
Another capture from the airborne assault of Zitwalla. The heavy machine gun is suited for the enemy airships however there are better ways to engage them. 

The Bad:  The game gets repetitive at points. Rescuing peasants, onion miners, and destroying bullseye houses can be tiresome after doing this more than once in the game. In some levels there is a lack of of health packs.

The pup featuring the author’s favorite weapon loadout. 

Final Analysis: This is a game worthwhile checking out with its low price and its atmosphere. It is not the best game you’ll ever play, but it is far from the worst. It is a shame they didn’t do a sequel.


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