Lobster Bisque From The Original Soupman


This soup’s stern chef has been staring me down for a long, long time. Maybe a month in actuality. I can always savor a good soup. I figured why not give it a try. Lobster bisque is exceptional when it is done right. The fact that it comes in a carton instead of a can intrigued me. It was time to dive in. 

The recipes on the back seem like a good time. I’ll check those out in the future.

The soup itself is rich, thick, and creamy. I added a touch of red pepper flake for some zing. I’m glad I did as it played off of the earthiness of the lobster. The time it took to cook was less than five minutes on medium heat. This is a soup that could quickly become a gourmand’s delight. This was a good soup.



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