Kirin’s Prime Brew Kirin Ichiban


Beer: Kirin Ichiban

Beer Style: Japanese Lager

Brewery: Kirin (ABInBev)

Abv: 5.00%

Country of Origin: Empire of Japan

Serving Method: Big bottle poured into pint glass

Background: I have had this beer before on draught at ABInBev’s St.Louis Brewery. It is exceptional on draught. I bet it is good from the bottle! Also this was featured in William Gibson’s Neuromancer an inspiration for many games including DeusEx and Neofeud.


Taste & Aroma: I can pick up the aroma of biscuits and malt from this with just a hint of sharpness. I taste metallic water, rice, a sharp bite at the end and a fading finish of burnt banana.


Final Analysis: This is better on draught. This is rather bitter from the bottle.


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