The World’s Most Famous Beer? Heineken!!


My dad called it Dutch water when I was a little boy after I asked what Harrison Ford was drinking in a movie. Author’s Note: I just discovered it was Beck’s. And it was Regarding Henry.


I’ve never liked it. Let’s see what this hype is about.

Yes, Phoebe. This is Heineken. No skunk for you to chase tonight. 

Beer: Heineken

Brewery: Heineken

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Beer Style: Pale Lager

Abv: 5.00%

Serving Method: pint poured into dimple pint

Background: I have had this beer from the stupid green bottle and I thought Pepe LePew had finally bottled his life’s work for all to enjoy.

Taste & Aroma: I don’t really smell anything except malt and maybe a hint of some kind of fruit that I cannot pin down. The flavor is decent though. I taste a nice biscuity malt followed by a whiff of that weird fruit I can’t name. And the finally note of flavor is a crisp bite that is all right. Not bad!


Pending Analysis: This is a decent beer. It is a historic beer in the fact that alongside Pilsner Urquell, Carlsberg, and others it paved the way for lager beer to become a commonplace libation after the 19th Century. Heineken has been around since 1873, and I doubt it is leaving anytime soon.

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