CXT Single Origin Ethiopian, Probable Cause For A Further Investigation


A son of a friend of my wife’s family owns a coffee shoppe called CxT in Peoria. I had never heard of it until now. My father-in-law sent over a bag of beans from CxT. A single-origin Ethiopian. They were good looking medium to light roasted beans. I used my grinder and my new drip coffee maker to get them ready to enjoy them.


I poured it into my favorite oversized coffee mug to showcase and better draw out any aromas that would be hard to uncover. And this is a great, bright smelling coffee with a bright flavor that is energizing and robust without being earthy, woody, and above all fruity. This is truly a brilliant coffee.

I’m eager to pay a visit to CxT Roasting Company ASAP! I need to try their other products! I love my coffee and it sounds like CxT Roasting Company is a great place to have it and buy coffee from.

Artist: Iain Faulkner

This coffee has displayed a lot of good character and flavor. I need to have more. This is probable cause for a further investigation. Visit their Facebook page 

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