Thuringer: The Officer Excerpt #3

Author’s Note: This is a third excerpt from my first novel, Thuringer: The Officer. A summary can be found here.

Thuringer cover

Jasey landed at the commercial spaceport outside of the central business district as she had planned. After she exited her craft she traveled with each of her weapons concealed beneath a rain poncho. She carried another of her weapons in a briefcase.  She looked for high vantage points overlooking the Cyrus-Delvanik building’s service entrance at the building’s rear.

Her datapad was showing a water tower on top of an apartment complex half a mile south of the building.  She began to pick up the pace.  She also brought food with her, she had no idea how long she’d be staking out the building.

She began walking at a brisk pace.  DeVantis would most likely be leaving the building in several hours.

Thuringer and Rich ate a quick meal.  Although, Rich was a cyborg, he still had a human stomach, and a set of nutritional needs. The cafeteria was serving an Earth-Asia buffet that featured a fast stir-fry bar. After ten minutes they left the cafeteria and began making their way towards Legal Services.  They had another elevator ride, this time to the twenty-fourth floor.

The elevator opened and a sign displayed their location to them.


Thuringer approached the double doors that led to the reception area, Rich followed him.  A lone receptionist heard their footsteps, and she looked up at them.

“May I help you, gentlemen?” she asked in a sing-song voice that was far from genuine.

“I’m Mikhail Hostranov, this is Rich from your planetary logistics compound.  I’m in charge of the audit team there I need to speak with one of your managers.”

The receptionist was not helpful.

“Well, sir the attorneys are out on business, and a majority of people who worked in this office are now working for Katzmann-Meers corporate or dealers on other planets,”

Thuringer got to the point.

“When will the department manager be back?”

The receptionist laughed.

“At the earliest an hour or two, sir, you could always come back tomorrow.”

“Well, ma-am.  I’m guessing we’ll just wait a while then.  I hope you don’t mind us camping out,” Thuringer said.

Thuringer turned away from her and sunk into an armchair while Rich grabbed the sofa across from him.

Rich was not pleased.

“Sir, should I return to the warehouse to continue the assimilation project?”

Thuringer shook his head yes, Rich wanted to be doing something, and he probably didn’t feel productive doing this.

“Be my guest to return to the facility.”

Thuringer made his way to the restroom, and his thoughts began to turn towards the server room.

Jasey watched from the tower. She could see the street level entrances for employers, visitors, and also a loading dock for deliveries. Both were likely entry points for DeVantis.  Jasey would be firing a .300 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point bullet from her scoped rifle.  The bullet’s soft tip and flat trajectory would allow for massive penetration and guaranteed expansion.   A large convoy of trucks just arrived, and a small drone tethered to the lead vehicle of the convoy was scanning the perimeter.

Jasey wasn’t worried about being found by the tethered drone’s sensor suite. Her skin’s weave made her difficult to detect by any means of electronic and thermal detection.  Hail DeVantis exited the first truck, and sixteen of his Blue clad mercenaries exited the truck immediately behind him. Jasey aligned her crosshairs. Jasey made the crosshairs rest just above DeVantis’s forehead.

She whispered.

“Run _Sniper.EXE”

Jasey’s words activated her rifle marksmanship routines.  Her thoughts now reminded her of how to properly handle a precision rifle. Her vision became more finite when she pressed her eye up to the scope, she could see DeVantis’s body in even more detail.

The mercenary leader was now addressing his troops.

“This operation will finalize this project.  What we want is in the server rooms of this building.  I know this is the best group for the job.  I’m dividing you into two teams, one of twelve, the other of four.  I’ll be inside the building to supervise.”

He pointed to the four.

“You’ll be Gold Group, your task is to enter the server room, neutralize any opposition and download all of the weapons information technology present in their servers.”

DeVantis handed one of the mercenaries a case.

“Inside that bag is a hacking drive, this should only take fifteen minutes.”

DeVantis then turned to the dozen others he had brought with him,

“You guys will be the Counter-Security Team.  Neutralize their security measures and keep the Gold Team safe.”

The mercenaries replied in unison.

“Yes, sir!”

The sixteen mercenaries entered the Cyrus-Delvanik building.  Jasey then watched DeVantis enter the building as well.  She decided against entering the building behind the soldiers.  Besides, maybe the mercenaries would return with something interesting.  Perhaps something her benefactor would find useful to his research.  Until then she would wait,

“Run Thermal Vision.EXE”

Jasey peered through the walls of the tower with her imaging suites to track the movement of the enemy forces.

Thuringer had arrived at the server room.  Thuringer had not seen any guards, his luck was fine.

He examined the room’s contents.

Massive servers which stood as the gateways to hard disks and data clouds were all around him, buzzing and humming could be heard, one central tower farthest from the door seemed inviting. It had “Research and Development,” written on it’s walls.

Thuringer plugged in the hacking drive.  The screen to the drive lit up.

Thuringer typed on the touch screen.

“Weapons Tech_Electro Magnetic Pulse_Thyristor+_(Classified)_ALL DRIVES INCLUDED”

The screen’s readout replied, “Scanning in progress.”

Thuringer’s hacking drive went to work.  Thuringer drew his weapon, something didn’t seem right.  He couldn’t tell what was going on, but he felt a change in the air.  It was a feeling he felt a long time ago on the city streets of Bolin II.  Thuringer performed a press check on his pistol.

Thuringer radioed the surveillance unit of Andrews and Phillips.

“All Bravo units, I’m not getting good vibes in this building.”

Phillips replied in almost a whisper

“We’re inside the building ourselves and we think we have a visual on the contacts we observed last night inside the warehouse.  We’re coming up to the server room.  Stand by, and stay alert.”

Thuringer carefully positioned himself between the server and the wall of the room.  He was ready for a fight, if one happened.

Jasey watched the mercenaries from across the road on a rooftop.  DeVantis stopped just outside of the elevator as his mercenaries executed the helpless unarmed with their silent submachine guns.  The armed but unprepared security guards had no time to shoot back. Jasey saw the heat emitting from the server towers and a human male already inside the room, but he was most likely not a confederate of DeVantis’s.  She then noticed another pair of human males enter the Server Room floor on the opposite end.  They were armed heavily, but she knew that they were not DeVantis’s men; they had to be from some rival group.  Jasey examined the materials of the building– her .300 Magnum rounds would at least penetrate the windows.  The maneuvering of these two or three forces probably had security’s attention already and the Fulton Police would arrive soon.  It would not be a good idea to enter the building either, as adding another set of weapons to a free-for-all would likely be a poor decision. She aimed her rifle at one of the doors to the server room. If DeVantis or anyone of his group showed up going through the door, they’d be dead.

Thuringer heard a voice at the other end of the server room.

“Stack up.”

“Should I toss a flashbang?”


“Why not?”

“Because, I don’t have any—I only brought white phosphorus.”

“Just kick down the damn door.”

The door was kicked down, and four mercenaries entered the server room.  Thuringer positioned himself beneath a desk behind the far server tower.  His weapon was low and close to his body- yet he was ready to shoot.

Thuringer watched as they fanned out, they hadn’t discovered his hacking drive, but he wondered how much time he had until a battle began.  One of the armed men moved his way towards Thuringer’s position tripping over the hacking drive, and his eyes met Thuringer’s once as he had fell to the floor.  Thuringer aligned his front sight with the area below the bridge of the man’s nose and fired.  The other three mercenaries aimed at the desk Thuringer was beneath and commenced firing.

Thuringer aimed at them and fired twice at each of the three blazing guns.  After each shot Thuringer felt once more smooth, and fast resetting trigger; Andrews and Phillips entered the room quickly after the shots were fired.

“Coming through!” Phillips called out.

Thuringer rose.

Phillips turned to him, keeping his submachine gun pointed down.

“How’s the hacking drive doing?”

Thuringer looked down at the device; it was sixty-one percent finished.

“Almost there”

Andrews noticed shadows beyond the far door.


Andrews sent two high velocity slugs through the door.

Phillips motioned to the door,

“We’ll go outside and establish a perimeter.”

Thuringer nodded, and two Mercenaries came through the back door.

One of them radioed their findings.

“Hacking Team is down!”

Andrews and Phillips kept the message short with a salvo of 10mm bullets and shotgun slugs.

“Eighty-nine percent,” Thuringer announced.

Andrews and Phillips each moved outside of the room into corners of the hallways where they had good angles on the doorways.  They had killed about six of the enemy number, as for the other ten, they were hard pressed to find out.

Jasey’s thermal vision showed ten of DeVantis’s mercenaries in an atrium just before the hallways leading to the server room.  They had wiped out the security guards and disabled the building’s security system.  She had a clean shot for each of the soldiers, but she didn’t want to give away her position, she was here to eliminate DeVantis, and no one else.

“It is finished,” declared Thuringer as he removed the hacking drive’s cables.

Phillips shouted back,

Let’s get going.”

The three of them made their way out of the set of hallways into a wider one that would lead them to an elevator bank.

Thuringer swapped magazines, Andrews changed tubes, and Phillips didn’t have to reload or anything as his magazine was the largest of them all with sixty rounds. They passed by a security camera, the two BGI agents were unworried, Thuringer was not.

“Are those cameras on?”

Phillips replied.

“No, the mercenaries disabled them.  This DeVantis guy doesn’t pull any punches.”

They reached a large doorway it was labeled


They stopped around it to get their bearings, and they slowly opened the door.

Jasey spied the party of mercenaries through her scope.  The party that opened the door came quickly under fire from DeVantis and his team.  Hail stayed out of sight.  She fired at a mercenary crouched under a bench by a vending machine.  Her powerful bullet met its mark.

One of the three who entered the atrium bellowed,


Jasey then aligned her rifle to the next set of mercenaries downrange.  She fired again.

This time two mercenaries were killed as the round travelled through both of their bodies.

Thuringer fired five rounds as he entered the atrium with his two companions.  Andrews switched to his flechettes.  His shot shells sprayed twenty darts at a time in a tight pattern that cut through the synthetic foliage present in the atrium.  When Phillips cried out that there was a sniper in their presence he grabbed cover behind a low wall near a conference table and sofa.  He fired six rounds at three mercs.

Jasey fired her rifle three more times, and then she reloaded.  Lights and sirens could be heard in the distance.  She looked in the distance with her zoom function oculus.  Three to four large armored vehicles were on their way, the Fulton Police had been alerted. Jasey, slung her rifle over her shoulder; scanned the left and right for any airborne police drones.  Seeing none, she ejected the bullets she just loaded to only chamber a cartridge that to an average shooter would appear too big for the weapon’s breach.

Jasey aimed for the intersection of the wall and the ceiling on the opposite side of the chasm between her and the Cyrus-Delvanik building.

She fired.

The round’s impact kicked up dust and debris from the wall, the bullet shattered into three segments, and these segments formed a piton.

Jasey threw her bolt once more after firing the round, out of the spent shell casing came a coil of fiber.  She took down the massive weapon, and stowed its segments in her equipment harness.  She then produced from her harness a folding-stock carbine, and placed the fiber between her index finger and forefinger, she took a few steps back, and then she ran forward and leapt off the roof of the building.  Gaining momentum she slid across the cord, over the street below where some pedestrians noticed her.  Jasey slid through the shattering window, firing bursts at the mercenaries to her left.  She dropped down from her cable and reloaded.

Her eyes met Thuringer’s, after he and the BGI agents killed the last mercenary. They both recognized each other.

He didn’t shoot at her.

“Don’t move.”

Was Thuringer’s statement to the resurrected android?

Andrews and Phillips came up close to her.

Thuringer spoke aloud, at her, and not to her.

“I thought I killed you on Bolin II, are you hear to try to kill me?”

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