Java Trading Company’s Organic Peru, A lovely medium roast for all day coffee drinking!

IMG_1712 (1)

My wife brought home this awesome coffee from Costco. I figured it was time to crack it open and grind down some beans. As always, when I’m sampling new coffees I use my oversized mug to glean more aromas.

IMG_1713 (1)

This is a nutty, elegant, aroma with a small hint of cinnamon present. I like what my nose is picking up. It is certainly an enticement to drink up. Let’s talk about the taste. There’s a nice nutty start followed by an herbal middle, the finish is pleasant and earthy. At the same time it is rather bright. I’m a big fan of this coffee.


3 thoughts on “Java Trading Company’s Organic Peru, A lovely medium roast for all day coffee drinking!

  1. My husband and I bought several bags of this at Costco in Bend, Oregon. Then they quit selling it. We are looking for a way to buy more. Costco couldn’t answer on when they might get it in. Do you have any info on how to buy online? This is the perfect blend of coffee for us. We decided we now hate the one we have been buying at Costco because the beans are wet and make a mess when you grind them. Not this Peru coffee. Perfect!


    1. Sorry for the late reply. No, I do not know where to find this coffee online. The best course of action is likely to visit your local coffee shoppe and try some of their Peruvian blends and compare it with Costco. If it fits the profile: buy it.


    2. Not at, but Costco in Shoreline, WA – just North of Seattle just set out a couple of pallets of it. going back tomorrow to stock up. Found it very tasty.


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