Ferris Wheels, I Like A Few


I enjoy Ferris Wheels. Only for the most part though. I had one Ferris Wheel experience that almost completely had me frigid towards them forever. We were going at a high speed, and there was only a rickety bar holding us back from asphalt.

Author’s Note: Not my video, but a similar experience.

That Ferris Wheel had me crying, swearing in front of children, and breaking down in a panic. I felt like James Bond in Moonraker. 


A good example of a well-made and reasonably paced ferris wheel!

And then some of my most memorable dates with my wife have involved ferris wheels. The Featured Image of this blogpost is of Branson, MO’s ferris wheel which was originally the ferris wheel at Chicago’s Navy Pier is brilliant. I’m a big fan of that one. Tonight, my wife and I enjoyed a Ferris wheel at Tremont, IL’s Turkey Festival. So many great memories with these and so many more to be made.

One I don’t want to ride on.

Thanks, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr and William Somers, for helping create this wonderous prop on the stage of my life. Read about its known history here. and at this page. 




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