Beers, A Band, And My Bombshell Wife

Tonight was date night and we had an exceptional evening at a local gastropub: The Peoria Brewing Company, and its affiliated restaurant Hops Kitchen. We had an amazing beer called Gnawty Beaver!


Gnawty Beaver is a great, refreshing lager with a toasty malt backbone and a light bit of spicy hops! It was so good my wife and I decided to take a growler home.


The band Kai Andersen and the Pickups was incredibly talented. Excellent acusotuci driven folk backed up by bass guitar. Their original material and their covers were both fantastically performed and artful. “The Night They Tore Dixie Down” was exceptional! They do Bob Dylan better than Bob Dylan. We had a pleasant conversation with a member of the band named Patrick. Patrick was good company and he gave us some history to the band. Check out their page here.

My sandwich was exceptional as well. The Brewben was brilliant!


Most importantly my company was excellent! My bombshell wife and I were enjoying some excellent beer drinking music, and some brilliant brews. She didn’t know I was taking some photos of her until I announced it.

It was a brilliant evening!

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