Blogging Pro Tip For WordPress: Don’t Delete Pics



One of my best friends contacted me and asked why are there pictures missing from my blog. And to my dismay there were pictures missing. Not a large number, but a fair amount. Possibly twenty five to fifty pictures. I have hundreds of images in my WordPress library for this blog. I thought I was doing the right thing by conserving space as I was nearing twenty percent and I didn’t want to waste any space. So I deleted the pictures. I thought they would have already been copied to the post from the host, but this is not the case.

The moral of the story is back up your pictures and have ample space for them. Above all, don’t delete. One post of primary importance was “The Boy With Powered Sugar In His Eyebrows.” I fixed that and found even better images. Again, don’t delete as you won’t have time to fix every post.

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