Those Nasty, Nasty, Twitter Wars Part I

Twitter is a bustling universe within cyberspace full of ideas, different viewpoints and polarizing comments alongside being a wide road lined with trees bearing gifs of puppies, cats, and what some people are having for lunch and breakfast. As of late I’ve been in a few Twitter wars. One that I ended without commenting back at all, and the other I ended by pointing out the logical fallacy of the ad hominem. I don’t like Twitter wars for several reasons, I have seen some benefits though. One hundred and forty characters is somewhat too compact for effective discourse. That’s the primary one.

Author’s Note: Word Press’s spell checker thought ad hominem was a misspelled word. Microsoft Word believes the same thing. Perhaps this is why society is in such a state of disarray when it comes to civility in discourse.

Background: These Twitter wars were political in nature. One was over the perceived loftier intelligence of those on the left and the other was between I and a fellow who pretty much thinks his country is obsolete. I’m not really a capital C conservative. I’m more so a Social Libertarian who appreciates the idea of a mixed market economy and I also like the idea of nation-states to preserve laws, customs, and cohesive citizen democracy between ethnic communities who buy into the nation-state’s core values.  I’ll discuss that in further pieces. For now I’ll discuss the shorter Twitter argument.

Argument 1: I’m not a fan of Sadiq Khan. Khan’s leadership in London shows that he cares nothing about his city’s safety or the safety of his constituents when it comes to the threat of terrorism whether it be Islamic terrorism, Irish Republican terrorism, etc… Khan has defended Islamic radicals in courts of law when in reality such trials should not be held. These people have sworn allegiance to their respective terrorist groups and don’t care about their own country.




I had re-tweeted several conservative tweets about things that are going on in Great Britain that are unfortunate. The Manchester Attack, The attack on London Bridge. All carried out by ISIS operatives who like a McDonald’s franchisee enjoy a good deal of autonomy. Nothing against Mickey D’s, I don’t eat there. A fast food franchise system or the distributed nature of the internet itself shows a good organizational pattern for ISIS as their are central power structures who create strategy and doctrine, however the operatives in nations outside their control have a great deal of say in how operations are carried out.




These tweets criticized Sadiq Khan. The individual in question called me out on it and I ignored it and unfollowed him and his lackey of a brother who looks just as out of touch as he is. The individual in question I had a few conversations with prior to this incident regarding his country’s politics. He views nation states as obsolete. He views that the European Union was created on more progressive values. He obviously doesn’t realize that the European Union is undermining Western Europe through mass migration. He obviously doesn’t know a whole lot or cares to know how the EU courts are encroaching on nation-states’ sovereignty and rule of law. Lastly, I don’t think he knows a damn thing about his own nation’s history. How about Magna Carta? That great charter was quite progressive in the reign of King John. I don’t think he knows a damn thing about any of that as from his social media profiles he only has pictures of beer (I can’t blame him), movies, video games (AAA garbage), and I’m not seeing an ounce of any intellectual activity.

Classic Hipster. Head in the Future, No Roots in the Past.  Note: Not him!

When you are asserting arguments, you need to be concise, avoiding tangents, and use facts, not feelings. Some people cannot be convinced and are never going to see your point, because they’re on a different planet. I didn’t debate these two I unfollowed them both. I only followed the individual in question because he created a mod for Mysteries of The Sith and I played the heck out of it with one of my best friends back in the day. I was happy I found him and complimented him about it numerous times. I wasn’t going to convince them in 140 characters about how I was right and how they were wrong. They have different values. I accepted that and moved on. They side with the apparently more progressive idea that an English Child should have its fate decided on by a European Court.


During this time my blog traffic spiked! Causation is not correlation, but I’m going to take a look at my referral links later.



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