Icarus Starship Command Simulator, Fun But Too Clunky For Me

I enjoy space simulator games. It is fun to fly a craft through the vast reaches of space when it is done right! It puts me in the shoes of my characters Rod Veska and Martin Thuringer from my own fiction. I adored FTL. If you haven’t played that I thoroughly recommend it. Icarus Starship Commander is similar to FTL as it has a 3D ship interior combined along with the similar menus to FTL. This was not for me though. First let’s have a look at the vitals.

Game: Icarus Starship Commander

Developer: Midwest Video Games

Publisher: Midwest Video Games

Platform Played: PC20170613172342_1

The Good: Games like FTL and other starship command games are rarities. This is a quality example. You command your crew, upgrade your ship, and execute combat operations whether they be with beam cannons or torpedoes. Again, highly similar to FTL. The game like FTL, also can have the ship be boarded by enemy crew. This is where the game shines the most involving an FPS element. I enjoyed repelling boarders with a laser gun skinned to look like an H&K USP.



The Bad: The combat is dull, the menus are clunky, and the ship’s are spartan looking. I thought it would have been better to make the first region of the game a fast moving tutorial instead of making it a side mission. I quickly became frustrated with the combat system so I asked for a refund from Steam.


Final Analysis: Maybe this game is for you? I you enjoyed FTL you may love it. However, as for me I wasn’t too keen on it. Maybe I will like this studio’s next project?

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