Wake Up Neo By Triptych Brewing Company

Beer: Wake Up Neo

Abv: 8.20%

Beer Style: Imperial IPA

Country of Origin: United States of America

Brewery: Triptych Brewing Company

Serving Method: Can poured into dimple pint

Even this can looks cyberpunk

Background: This is the second beer I have savored from this brewery. Try the first one I had. I can say nothing but great things about it. I’m glad I have checked this out. The name evokes cyberpunk heroes like Neo from The Matrix, JC Denton from the original Deus Ex, and his predecessor: Adam Jensen.

Denton by wabfloyd
JC Denton


Adam Jensen

Taste &  Aroma: This beer has a wonderful aroma of dank resin! I’m already loving this beer just by the smell.  The flavor is incredible though. In Illinois we can never be proud of our governors/government or our state, but we can be proud of our breweries. Triptych has done a tremendous job with this beauty!


This is a hop bomb. It would wake up Neo! At first you have a hoppy beer and then it goes to some pineapple and grapefruit. This beer is full of hops and is a hophead’s delight. This will put you out of The Matrix.



Final Analysis: This is all hop, but even my wife likes it! Amanda: “This must be a tamer hop.” I agree, dear.


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