Veltins Pilsner

Beer: Veltins Pilsner

Country of Origin: Germany

Beer Style: Pilsner

Abv: 4.80%

Serving Method: Can poured into Goose Island 312 pilsner glass

Brewery: Bauerei C. & Veltins GmbH & Co


Background: This is a beer that I discovered while randomly perusing my local ‘nice’ liquor store. I enjoy pilsners, and I thought the can/case was pretty. We’re in warmer weather so why not enjoy a great beer for a time of year when barbecues and grilling out are the norm? I like this beer for the fact it is simple and refreshing. Its good stuff. 


Taste & Aroma: This is a beer that has simple malt-forward flavors with a spicy hop finish. The aroma is one of cut grass, and maybe some faint lemon.

Final Analysis: This is a good beer when you want to tip back a few beers with friends at a barbecue. I recommend it without reservation when you need a lager and a lager when Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser are not available.


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