Dark Haired Calvinists Part III: Ringleaders


Read Part I and Part II 


I have enjoyed and at the same time loathed going back into my past to tell this sorry story of how a church’s pastor was hoodwinked and this caused a six year reign of a group which frankly caused much upheaval and confusion to many members of the church view part one and and two which are linked above for an explanation if you are just arriving on the scene. In hindsight Timmy and his wife: the Calvinist, wannabe cult leaders/ pastoral usurpers remind me of Pic and Gorc from Dark Forces IIJedi Knight

Timmy was the little one. He talked. His wife said nothing and only had resting bitch face.



Timmy was always trying to befriend people and get them onboard. His wife was always just there. I’m glad these people have been out of my life for a long, long time. Read Parts I and II for an explanation. In short they were like a two-person Alexander The Metalworker.

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