Ignitor Coffee


I told Amanda that I was out of coffee a few days ago. Coffee is one of the waters of life as far as I’m concerned. She picked me up one of my go-to coffees: Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend. The coffee she got for me from the store that I had never had before was Ignitor Coffee. I had never heard of it before but it has a double dose of caffeine than most coffee has. I was certainly intimidated.


This coffee has flavor. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting just the burn or lack of flavor that one could have an idea from seeing a coffee with twice the normal amount of coffee. At the first sip I’m getting a lot of flavor. The aroma is bright and earthy and that sets the stage for the star and that is always the flavor. I picked up bright lemony notes with a hint of cedar at the finish. This is a coffee that reminds me of some of my favorite local coffee shop’s Mexican blends which are bright and full of flavor.

Coffee with twice the caffiene was pretty delicious. I wouldn’t drink this all day long just for safety’s sake and also the fact that I do need to sleep sometimes does play in that decision making process. Don’t be intimated by Ignitor. Embrace it in your morning.


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