Silver Spook Strikes Back

Author’s Note: All images courtesy of Silver Spook Games



If you follow the Indie Game scene you’ve likely heard of Silver Spook Games. If not, you have a lot of reading to do about Neofeud which was a brilliant point-and-click title released this year. I voice acted in the game and its an excellent title worthy of your time. It is available on Check out the links to prior articles on Neofeud

Reasons To Buy

Neofeud Intro

Meet Silver Spook

Silver Spook has just released a demo to his latest project. The working title is Forgotten City. This is another good example of what a point-and-click game should be. As the cyborg engineer Noria you’ll stroll around the ruins of a colony gone awry.


If you enjoy adventure games with art similar to H.R. Geiger’s work and gameplay in the vein of the Sierra and LucasArts eras these are games for you. Download the new demo and buy Neofeud at!


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