What I’m Listening To 07/13/2017, “Help” By Papa Roach

Song: “Help”

Artist: Papa Roach

Album: Crooked Teeth (2017)

Composers: Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, et. al.


Papa Roach was just starting to become popular when I was in Junior High. I wasn’t into them, I was moreso in a country phase. I still like country but nowadays I listen to almost all genres of music. This song “Help” has amazing guitar work and powerful lyrics.

“I think I need help… I’m drowning in myself.”


If you need help. Get help, please. This is all I shall say on this for now.


“If I want to scratch out yesterday, I’ve got so much I need to say.”

“And I won’t keep listening when temptations creeping in. If I wanna make it another day
I’ve got so much I need to say”




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