Haagen-Dazs Trio Part I: Crispy Belgian Chocolate: Coffee & Vanilla Ice Cream


As I’m celebrating some great opportunities ahead I’m having this magnficent ice cream. It is reminscent of Tiramisu! This is an amazing ice cream. I’ve noticed the new Trio series of ice creams by Haagen-Dazs around my local grocer’s and now I’m happily savoring this.

My wife had a few bites of this ice cream and she said it is coffee-forward. It certainly is. This excellent trifecta of vanilla chocoalte, and crisp Belgian chocolate provide an amazing decadence in an ice cream. I compare it to Tiramisu by noticing the coffee vanilla swirl and savoring the espresso-like concentration of the coffee flavored ice cream. The lady fingers in the Tiramisu are replaced by the crispy Belgian chocolate.


The only thing missing is the brandy.

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