What I’m Listening to on 07/17/2017, N’awlins Gumbo Kings UFO Saloon


Artist: N’awlins Gumbo Kings

Album: UFO Saloon (2006)

Song: “UFO Saloon”


“Way up at the UFO Saloon, I hope they take me back there real soon…”

I first heard this song sometime in 2010. I was in the office of my favorite college professor/advisor, Dr. Michael L. Thurwanger. As we were planning my courses for my final courses in my first and second semesters of my senior year  I was entertained as the doctor’s streaming radio played this incredible number. I couldn’t help but smile. There I was in a holy place in my life: Eureka College hearing a bizarre juxtaposition of science-fiction and jazz.

“They played that song they played it all night long…” Cue the cantina theme from Star Wars. That song played as he and I printed out my schedule for the final academic year of my undergraduate years.



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