New Belgium Trippel: Brilliant!

Beer: New Belgium Trippel

Beer Style: Trippel

Brewery: New Belgium

Abv: 9%

Country of Origin: United States of America (Colorado)

Serving Method: Bottle poured into shaker pint





Background: That Game of Thrones inspired beer by Ommegang prompted me to pick this up. I like Tripples despite not having them often. One of my favorite trippels is La Fin Du Monde, which I shockingly have not reviewed yet on this blog. Let’s have another trippel though from New Belgium. Their label which is a gallic rooster really beckons.

Taste & Aroma: A whiff of this beer will reveal only one but perfect scent and that is of coriander. I love coriander in a Belgian ale. Trippels are my favorite Belgian ales so we’re off to a great start! A herbal, bready, coriander laden, malty, and spicy finish awaits you! This is a delightful complex beer. I’m a fan already.

Final Analysis: This is an excellent example of what craft beer can and should be. I’m going to explore more of their beers and more trippels.


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