Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale


Beer: Fat Tire

Brewery: New Belgium

Abv: 5.2%

Beer Style: Belgian-American Ale

Bottle poured into shaker pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America (Colorado)

Background: I have been pursuing great craft beer since I was 21 years old. In my pursuit of great beers I’ve had bombshell Belgian whites, hankerins for hefeweizens, perfect pale ales, and the ubiquitous IPA. And let’s not forget those sensational stouts.  I’m a big fan of good ales and I’m sorry to say that I did not enjoy some good Fat Tire before today. This is tremendously incredible beer.

Taste & Aroma: I get the whiff of spices: coriander, anise, oak, toasted grains, and the flavor is incredible to match! Caramel, toasted malt, and biscuity notes are there with a sweet lingering finish that could be an invitation to explore more Belgian inspired styles.


Final Analysis: I’m truly sorry that I didn’t try this beer sooner. It is truly one of the greatest craft beers. Thank you, New Belgium Brewing!


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