Kohana Cold Brew Coffee Salted Caramel

Here is another canned iced coffee. The brand is Kohana. The flavor is Salted Caramel. This should be another example of a canned coffee beverage done right. This is likely going to be a coffeehouse favorite without the coffeehouse. Let’s have a closer look.


When I opened the can the first thing that struck me was the scent of caramel and salt. This smells like a salted caramel frappe, except it isn’t frozen. Hopefully, it is not as sweet. The flavor captures salted caramel well. However, it is not sickly sweet. I’m only tasting the coffee and the salted caramel’s zing. I’m not getting anything that is sickly sweet which makes me immensely happy.


This is not as good as High Brew’s Cold Brew. This beverage is still good though. Only a hundred calories per can and it is the coffee specialty beverage without the coffee house. And that’s a success to the manufacturer.

Check this out.



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