Steak and Beans, Slow-Cooked & Savory

Amanda made a wonderful meal that again is an example of slow-cooker artistry. Take a moment to read about some other slow-cooker creations of hers at these posts.

Phoebe is excited and hopeful that she gets a taste of this bounty. Amanda gave her a small sliver.

The steak’s was cooked in a liquid comprised of Lipton’s seasoning, beef consomme, one part Private Selection Texas Barbecue, A1 Chili Sauce , Anna Mae’s Smoky Mustard, Ranch Seasoning, and Fat Tire Belgian Ale by New Belgium Brewing. This liquid gave this steak a flavor that was remarkable and a texture that was just perfect.

This meal had a flavor of onion, beer, and barbecue and a mustardy finish. The aroma of onion and beef drippings was present in the steak. Amanda also had a delicious bit of horseradish sauce for dipping near the steak for an added punch. It was delicious! The baked beans from Campbell’s for the side was good too. The maple, beer, and brown sugar flavors from the beans provided quasi dessert flavor.

I’m thankful for Amanda’s culinary wizardry!

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