Check Out Phil Kaveny’s YouTube Channel

A good friend, pal, and mentor of mine: Phil Kaveny is a Science-fiction author, scholar, Hugo Award Nominee alongside the staff of Janus Magazine that he and his wife: Dr. Janice Bogstad published in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Kaveny is also a student of life and a teacher of wisdom. Kaveny’s work is showcased at He and I also published a double book in the tradition of Ace in 2015.  You can buy the book: here. 

Kaveny has also reviewed my prior published works of fiction. 


Kaveny has a lifetime of stories, struggles and wisdom. His YouTube Channel features videos that celebrate his work and life’s lessons. Here is an introduction to his channel.


Here are some portions of “177 Kilograms” A revised version is to be published soon.

I hope you will make the wise decision and subscribe to his YouTube channel. 

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