Penguin Pale Ale


Beer: Penguin Pale Ale

Brewery: One Barrel Brewing Company

Country of Origin: United States of America (Madison, Wisconsin)

Abv: 5.70%

Serving Method: Bottle poured into dimple pint

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Background: I found this beer in a liquor store in Madison, Wisconsin. I knew I had to buy this beer when I had seen a penguin on the label. Amanda’s nickname to some people has been penguin. I’ve never heard the reasoning behind this, but I’ve enjoyed the name. And the cute penguin on the label had me thinking it was time to try this.


Taste & Aroma: The nose in this is featuring a hint of cut grass, dark fruit, bready notes, and a hint of allspice. The flavors of course are what always matter at the end of the day. A sharp bite introduces you to fresh, tea like notes that remind me of lush fresh vegetables, malt in the middle and a clear cut finish that is not lingering, but provides a mild bite reminds me of many English Pale Ales. The mouthfeel is perfect. Not a bit of watery feeling whatsoever.

One of my favorite places on this globe is Wisconsin. It helps they have great beer. It endears me more to them. 

Final Analysis: I am a fan of this beer. I can say that I’m hopeful that I’ll try more One Barrel ales in the near future. The Penguin Pale Ale is a quality brew. Thanks to One Barrel Brewing for an exceptional beer.


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