Breaking The Seal

Life is busy.

Life is never not busy.

Your Life is never going to not be not busy.




Managing time is an essential skill. Every year I get better at it. Frankly, breaking some bad habits and tearing away old practices has helped this immensely. My productivity is at an all time high when it comes to my writing and it will be the same when it comes to my school work as I begin Information School in just a few weeks. I’m excited and I feel good that I can manage my time.

When it comes to all of my novel/novella length manuscripts I’ve had to write them in spurts. Stops and starts, touch and goes, island hopping, etc…. Why? I’m busy.

US Pacific Island

I wear a lot of hats. We all do in this thing called life.

In a world of multitasking its hard to finish a creative project at times. We go for a while then we sputter and stall: voluntary or involuntary. Its not writer’s block. It’s just life. Getting back in the right groove gets hard. It brings me back to being an ad hoc barista working occasionally at my wife’s restaurant.


In this capacity I learned about espresso beverages. The Americano, The latte, the Cappuccino. And I learned about the parameters of a well-made espresso shot. Tamping it down, hammering out the spent pucks, etc…. One of the most important lessons I learned though was the discipline required for frothing the milk. It isn’t just about getting the milk to temperature.


It is about breaking the seal too. The milk has a membrane and you have to break it with the frother engaged. That’s one distinct thing I remember about making an espresso beverage. My wife and I always can know when someone has not broken the seal when it comes to a latte/cappuccino or other espresso beverage types. When it comes to starting and stopping with writing projects one has to just realize that they’re will be some mild difficulties with this. Why? Simply because you can’t do this every and each day constantly.

Don’t get discouraged when you have to dig deep to break the seal. As I said it isn’t writers block. It is merely just one of the things you have to ‘grind out as an author.’  We live in a world where cyberspace is our publisher and the sky is the limit. Honor your readers or would-be readers by finishing your work. Remember, you’ll never get anything done if you are chained to the idea of perfection. Do the work. Break through!


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