Far Cry 4, An Immersive Open World Game

Game: Far Cry 4 (2014)

Publisher: UbiSoft

Developer: UbiSoft Montreal

Genre: Open World FPS

Price: $19.99 on Steam Sale

Background: The first Far Cry I did not care for at all. I enjoyed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. That was an excellent comedy game. Blood Dragon does a good job of preparing players for Far Cry 4. The gameplay is similar however players will find Far Cry 4 far more immersive in a multitude of ways. For one this is a full sized game not an expansion. And secondly, crafting and survival play a larger role in this game whereas Blood Dragon was more about the combat due to its size.

I enjoyed Far Cry 4 for its main story, atmosphere, and combat.


Main Story: The player is Ajay Ghale. You were born and raised in the United States, yet you are returning to scatter your mother’s ashes in a mysterious location within the land of Kyrat. Kyrat is a land reminiscent of Nepal, however it reminds me more of Korea as it is ruled by a madman: Pagan Min. Upon arrival you meet Pagan Min and your adventure begins shortly afterwards.

I won’t bore you with too many details as this essentially a three year old game odds are you have played it. I’ll discuss the highlights that I enjoyed. For one, I loved the balance of power quests relative to the Golden Path. I found Sabal’s approach tiresome so I allied myself with Amita. Amita was more aggressive/progressive in her approach to liberating the nation of Kyrat.

The battle for Kyrat stretches to the Himalayas, the valleys, and in fortresses and strongpoints scattered throughout this fictitious Asian country. And this atmosphere is certainly worth soaking in.



Atmosphere: The land of Kyrat is both beautiful and a war zone. A serpentine river with docks, boats, and piranha-like critters can provide an interesting set piece. Villages, an arena, dense woods, rocky cliffs, factories, farms, and military fortifications give this land an imposing third world feeling. Hostile animals and hostile forces will always keep the player on edge. Hang gliders and a gyrocopter called a buzzer can assist you in staying clear of some troubles but if you don’t fight you won’t get experience points, and if you don’t hunt you will not be able to craft upgrades. And without upgrades combat is far more difficult.

Combat: This game has the player combating enemy soldiers and wild animals. I enjoyed the weapons variety and the ability to have a wide range of freedom in dispatching these foes. Rarely did I find myself in a situation that required me having to use absolute stealth or absolute overt assault tactics. This versatility reminded me of gems like Goldeneye (1997) and Perfect Dark (2000), or Deus Ex (2000). Sometimes I’d use my suppressed sniper rifle or bow. Other times I would use the M79 40mm Grenade launcher or blooper.

Overall Analysis: This is an exceptional game and I recommend it without reservation. I’m going to do another post about the villain Pagan Min shortly.

May 22nd, 2014 @ 00:32:17


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