Incredible Baked BBQ Ribs, Biscuits, & Mozzarella-Basil tomato salad

Barbecue ribs are a real treat when they’re done right. Tonight I have had ribs that were done exactly right. Barbecue ribs are a life-long favorite of mine and these smoky treats with a rich sauce were paired well with some garlic-cheese biscuits and a savory-sweet tomato salad. Let’s examine each of these components deeply.


I enjoyed a half-slab of ribs. The barbecue sauce was rich, tangy and it reminded me of Kansas City-style barbecue. The ribs were falling off the bone good and it was no surprise to me as thirty-five minutes is the ideal time for baking quality ribs. These ribs were so delicious I ended up sucking on each of the bones.

Back off Famous Dave. And you too traitor pig. You’re roasting your own kind. Hogkin! Traitor! Cannibal!

The biscuits were garlic and cheddar focused. The garlic was cutting and pungent. To me garlic is an ingredient that corresponds with clarity. My mind was clear and my palette was ready for the sharp cheddar within the biscuits. To me these biscuits were far better than Red Lobster’s versions of a country biscuit.


For the final component the tomato-basil, and mozzarella salad was composed of basil, golden tomatoes, cherub (cherry) tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. Amanda told me this was going to be a palette cleanser. She was right. It was a refreshing yet savory dessert. This was another meal for the books.


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