Rest In Peace, Troy Gentry


Eddie Montgomery on the left, the late Troy Gentry on the right. 

When I was in grade school the only music I listened to was country and 80s New Wave. One of the fixtures in my country diet was Montgomery Gentry. This duo was truly brilliant when it came to creating excellent Country Rock. Today I learned that Troy Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash. I am deeply saddened by this. This post is for Troy.


This first song is especially pertinent in this day and age.



Here’s the Harley anthem: “If You Ever Stop Loving Me”

Here’s my introduction to Montgomery Gentry: “Speed” A Breakup Anthem with Horsepower.

And here is one of their debut songs.

This is a deeper cut of their work.


Here is my true top favorite of their discography.

“Something to be proud of…. A life you can hang your hat on.”

Troy Gentry, 1967-2017

Troy, you had lived a life to be proud of! Thank you for the memories.

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