Star Trek: The Next Generation Symbiosis 30th Anniversary Ale





We are not drinking Earl Grey Hot tonight. This is a celebration of 30 years of wonder, excellent story telling, escape, and brilliant space opera. Here’s to the finest science-fiction television show.


Beer: Star Trek: The Next Generation Symbiosis 30th Anniversary Ale

Beer Style: American Hoppy Wheat Ale

Brewery: Schmaltz Brewing Company

Abv: 5.50%

Serving Method: 12 oz bottle poured into shaker pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America



Background: This is an exceptional beer to commemorate the first spin-off of Gene Roddenberry’s Heinlein inspired series: Star Trek. Thirty years ago the series began and the world would soon be remembering Jean-Luc Picard and company. I’ve been a fan of the show ever since I was in seventh grade. I can firmly say it is one of my favorites and it helped cement my love for science-fiction. Let’s explore this beer.

Taste & Aroma: This is a fine beer with a clear wheat aroma. The taste is one of spicy hop, biscuits, and a hint of crackers and the finish alongside a hop bite. Not bad.



Final Analysis: I doubt that I will try this on draft, but this is a fine easy-drinking ale that commemorates a wonderful show that I will one day share with my children.






















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