Its Been A While

Hey there. I’m still here, I’m still alive. I’ve just been crazy, crazy busy!


I’ve started graduate school and I practically finished the manuscript for my sequel to Jade’s Dish. However, I have stopped writing it. Why?


I’ve taken up many obligations in the past several weeks that keep me from the time I need to devote myself to the writing of a novel. As much as I hate to abandon a manuscript I’ve got to for now. I love the characters of Rod Veska and Jade Novorisk. For now though those two must rest.


I’m sure some of you may be asking this question. “Is Brandon giving up writing?” The answer is a clear and powerful “NO.”

This Hunter S. Thompson quote says it all. 

I am going to be working on two ‘short-form’ projects. A poetry collection and a devotional. The poetry collection is in progress. The devotional is one I’m still brainstorming on. And I’ll explain to you why I’m working on both and when the time comes I’ll let you see some snippets.

For now our regular programming will presume. I’ll be posting on my usual kaldeioscope of topics soon. For now stand by for more content.




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