Agatucci’s Sausage & Pepperoni

Agatucci’s is a Peoria, IL hallmark. This is a pizza that is known and loved by its stalwart supporters who praise the pizza for its crust, cheese, sauce, and ingredients. I don’t have Agatucci’s often, but this frozen pizza has me thinking I need to pay them a visit. I had their sausage and pepperoni pizza. I loved it. Let’s discuss what makes this pizza great.


The crust is perfect. Thin like a cracker! This is what a thin crust pizza lover wants. And you know me I like all pizza, but this is a fine standard for thin crust. The pepperoni is not too greasy either. The sausage is brilliant. Furthermore, the sauce is creamy, rich, and tangy.


Overall, you should get some Agatucci’s Pizza. Here’s a word from Agatucci’s. No, I’m not sponsored by them.

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