What I’m Listening To On 10/08/2017 “Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman”

Artist: Fairport Convention & Richard Thompson

Albums: Multiple (First Released in 1977)

Composers: Richard Thompson & David Swarbrick


This song is a recent discovery of mine. One of my best friends recommended to me Richard Thompson’s newest album. This is one of the tracks on it. And this is the original version below back in 1970.

I adore the macbre lyrics and the grim tone of the song’s haunting chorus. “He’ll hang you the best that he can…”


“His show is the best in the land..”

Millbank Prison


Here is another version of the song. Origin of the recording unknown.


William Marwood was a 19th Century English Executioner in the United Kingdom.

And here’s the version of the song that introduced me to this magnificent number.


“Here’s a health to The Jolly Hangman!!”


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