Boomerangs: Steak & Potato Pie

These two awesome guys made an incredible product. I love meat pies. Steak and Potato is a great combination. And an Austrailian inspired meat pie is a rarity! Especially, in my neck of the woods.


This is a flaky puff pastry crust that is seasoned just right with herbs on the outside. Inside is a real treat as well.

The insides are full of tender steak, soft potatoes, and a gravy that enhances all of these flavors with a savory element. This tastes like the ultimate pot roast night! I devoured it with pure pleasure!!!


If you love a good meat pie or a beef pastry I want you to know that this is a incredible option. I recommend this without reservation. I know you want a good meat pie. Now is the time to try it. You’ll see more of Boomerang’s offerings on my blog. You’re going to love these meat pies!

2 thoughts on “Boomerangs: Steak & Potato Pie

  1. Not sure what YOU ate. Mine was dry, and very little meat, with a scant filling. Mostly pastry, which is not what I want for a meal.


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