Did Your Mom Ever Give You Lunchables?

“Did Your Mom Ever Give You Lunchables as a kid?” Amanda asked.

“No.” I replied. I just didn’t have an interest in them.


“You know the sauce, used to be Tombstone Pizza, right?”

“No I didn’t.”

Okay. Time to check this out.


According to a wikipedia article that cites an archived page of Kraft brand history Lunchables came around in 1988 in Seattle and later came to be released nationally in 1989.


Timetoast.com has a timeline of notable dates in Lunchables’ history.  Here’s a few commercials from Lunchables.

No Thanks! I’ll stick to a spaghetti western.

“Dad, we need an all star lunch.” That’s funny, kid. Now eat the egg salad.

Sorry, class. This guy knows real pizza.

“Stay in school. Do the readings. Order real pizza.”

I’m not into Lunchables. My wife loves them though. This post is for you, Amanda!


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