BBQ ‘Pulled’ Tofu Sandwich on Hawaiian Bread

This recipe came from Pinterest. Amanda observed it tonight and she worked wonders out of the ingredients it required. She made homemade barbecue sauce: tomato sauce, garlic, onion powder, hint of curry, cumin, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper with chili. This was a brilliant sauce for the ingredients of this sandwich.

The ingredients were chopped cubes of a whole block of Simple Truth tofu, followed by chickpeas, and onions. The sauce cascaded over the ingredients and they were sandwiched by oven toasted Hawaiian bread. The buttery Hawaiian bread did a great job holding the robustly flavored ingredients together.


The tofu and chickpeas provided a nutty texture that had a lingering backbeat after the gentle bite of the home made barbecue sauce. The sandwich bread was buttery and herbal. Overall, this was an excellent vegetarian meal.

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