Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

Beer: Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

Beer Style: Pre Prohibition Vienna Lager

Abv: 6.1%

Country of Origin: United States of America

Brewery: Anheuser Busch InBev


Background: 1933 was a year of mixed events. An unfortunate thing was the beginning of Hitler’s Third Reich. A fortunate event was the end of Prohibition. Budweiser celebrates and commemorates this with this Repeal Reserve Lager. I can happily say that it is a fine and celebratory beer.

Taste & Aroma: The scent of pepper, cinnamon, and toasted malt hit my nose as I raise the rim of the glass to my mouth. The flavor is sharp, slightly sweet, and the finish is of a spicy and toasty malt that is common to Vienna Lagers. I’d love to try this on draught, but I doubt I shall have the opportunity.


Final Analysis: I like this beer. This is an excellent beer that Budweiser should consider making a year-round product like they did with Budweiser Black Crown. Well done, AB InBev.

2 thoughts on “Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

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