A Farewell!

I am not quitting writing. I am not quitting anything. Rather, for now I’m saying good bye for now. I’ve loved this blog and I’ve enjoyed comments and likes from readers across this world of ours. I will have a new blog and I’ll reblog it from here but its content you may not find it of interest as it involves issues regarding a particular region.

Good bye means you need to have a lot of songs about goodbyes. And you need to have songs for going on a journey. To start off, we have a classic.

Raise some Tennessee Whiskey For Me.

I’ve gotta ticket to ride.

I do have a long time to go and a short time to get there.

The race is on. Not officially, but unofficially.

I’m in need of a ride, and I don’t have a guitar on my back.

I can’t believe I am doing this as I always thought I’d do it better when I was older like in my forties, yet I’m doing it now.

I’m really going north and south, but this fits.

I’m off…. “Over The Hills And Far Away.”

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