What I’m Listening To on 02/09/2018 Waylon Jennings: Mental Revenge

If you have followed this blog for a while you know I’m a fan of Country Music. Waylon Jennings a.k.a Watasha is one of the greatest country legends that ever graced that genre. Here’s two versions of an early hit of his from the 1960s before outlaw Waylon. This song is a cover of Mel Tillis’s “Mental Revenge.”

I did not realize that this is a cover until the time of this writing. I prefer Waylon’s 1960s version from his album Jewels

“Well I hope that the train from Caribou, Maine runs over your new love affair….”


And here’s outlaw Waylon with a rock-like version circa 1980s


Mel Tillis’s version from 1966

“Sweet, sweet…Mental Revenge”

Here’s Bocephus:

I don’t have time to include every version. Let me know your favorites? waylon-jennings

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