Green Mountain Hazelnut

Green Mountain Coffee has a superb line of coffees: Vermont Country Blend, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie,  and Wicked Winter Blend. I love trying new coffees: flavored or otherwise. This particular flavor: Hazelnut is superb. Flavored coffees were always appealing to me. I have a sweet tooth—I control it via a low calorie dessert of flavored coffee. I’ll save those calories for tiramisu or beers. Or packzi: that incredible Polish pastry!

Let’s talk coffee.


This coffee has a rich-smelling aroma that you’ll effortlessly detect right after the Keurig finishes brewing it up. The flavors are certainly as one would expect. Fresh roasted hazelnuts are on point followed by a warming, creamy finish that reminds me of a hazelnut dessert. If you had some Ferraro Roches (Hazelnut Candies) they’d be a good companion with this. Or maybe some DiSarrono?



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