Gevalia Signature Blend Decaf

I do not always drink Decaf Coffee. However, when I do I accidently buy it. This was a happy accident as Bob Ross would describe it. Earlier, I have written about Gevalia’s Signature Blend, which is truly a fantastic coffee. I can say the same about their decaf blend.


This coffee like all Gevalia offerings is elegance and class that’s accessible to those who love good coffee. The aroma is of cedar, earth, and a hint of a nutty fragrance. The flavor is certainly delicious as well. A wondrous herbal taste with some citrus in the middle and a bright lemony finish make this decaf blend satisfying. I’d recommend this decaf coffee without any reservation.

I enjoyed this coffee in the mug my wife got me for Valentine’s Day. I’m a fan of this coffee and this mug! 

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