What I’m Listening To on 02/20/2018- Waylon Jennings “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?”

“When I first came to Nashville…”

Upon entering the political arena I’ve got a lot of people offering me advice. I’ll admit I’m doing things unconventionally. I’ve not asked permission from the establishment and I’m not catering to them. I feel like Waylon in this song. We need to go back to public service and not being a clique in our local political parties.




Song: “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”

Album: Dreaming My Dreams (1975)

Composer: Waylon Jennings


“Its the same old tune, fiddle and guitar…”




Here’s a live version.

“Where do we take it from here?”

Here’s another version with an introduction from The Man In Black.

“We need to change..”

Bocephus and Hoss tackle the need for change in their duet.

“We’re all sure that you will….”

Jamey Johnson provides a cover.



We’ll end with a live version from Morissey.

Do things the right way.


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