Vito & Nicks II Sausage Pizza


Obviously I have reviewed a lot of frozen pizza on this blog. This frozen pizza—is so good I couldn’t take any pictures of the actual product.Amanda and I ate it all pretty quickly. Amanda and I were first introduced to this cracker thin crust pizza at a now defunct brewery in Peoria,IL: Peoria Brewing Company. This frozen pizza is what anyone would love in a tavern setting, but twice as good as typical bar frozen pizzas.

There’s an excellent history behind this luscious pizza.

This pizza has an ingredient on every bite. The sauce is similar to marinara, the sausage is certainly savory—it is comparable to plenty of mild Italian sausages. Finally, the cheese is perfect. And the crust is as it should be on a thin crust pizza. I am always impressed by Vito & Nicks II. I was so impressed as was Amanda that no pictures of the pizza could be taken.

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