Bitburger: Over 200 years of quality

Beer: Bitburger

Brewery: Bitburger

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany

Abv: 4.8%

Beer Style: German Pilsner

Serving Method: Can poured into glass


Background: I have been enjoying this fine pilsner for a long, long time. When I hear the word Bitburger, I think of a tradition of quality and excellence since 1817. This beer has two hundred years of history behind it. Any drinker of Bitburger proudly joins that legacy of quality.

Taste & Aroma: Freshly mown hay tickles your nose once the beer is poured from the can and into the glass. The fun doesn’t stop there. Bitburger’s wondrous experience only begins with the aroma. The flavors are the true brilliance of this simple, yet elegant lager. This malt forward lager has a spicy middle and a nice hoppy bite at the end. These flavors have a bready, biscuity backbeat long after the hop bite. Again, elegance does not have to have a lofty price tag. Bitburger is simple and almost perfect.


Analysis: If I would ever have the opportunity to write about a draught version of this beer, I would certainly do so. If you have the chance try Bitburger from the can or on draught.


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