Peet’s Black & White True Iced Espresso

When I observed this at my local grocer’s I had to try it.  I stormed out of Kroger’s after buying this and put this can into the fridge to run some more errands. When I returned I knew I was in for some good caffiene.  Upon my return I opened the can and enjoyed it. It was what I was expecting but then more. It was a canned espresso product that had the flavors that one knows well from Peet’s. Let’s take a closer look.


I enjoy the smooth yet bold character this drink has. This is espresso and skim milk. But with Peet’s signature Dark Roast Espresso this is a drink that is setting a new standard for canned espresso. I believe Alfred Peet would be proud. I love what I’m drinking. I’m having one while I’m writing. Now go have one yourself while I have another.

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