Sharpshooter 3D, A (Doomclone) Russian Riot Simulator


Platform Played: PC

Publisher: Dagestan Technology

Developer: HeadHuntersGames

Price: Purchased in a bundle

A odd map.

I purchased this game in a bundle. I likely would not have purchased it in another way. Frankly, I cannot say things are perfect in this game. Bugs exist! I got stuck in some places, and I had to reload a saved game. Despite the bugs, this is an interesting semi-open world brawler. There’s not much of a plot. There is plenty of violence to make that up. The gameplay, mechanics, and the level design give this game distinction.

Gameplay/Mechanics: The graphics are nothing special—this is a doomclone after all. I mentioned the glitches earlier. You will be walking around a Russian city brawling with your fellow denizens, the police, the OMON (Russian riot police), and security guards. You can only carry one weapon at a time. Weapons range from straight razors, mace, hand tools, power tools, beer bottles, fire extinguishers, and some kind of flares. Firearms are illusive in this game.

Two firearms are present in the game, one is a pump-action shotgun of unknown manufacture. It does remember a Remington 870 though. The other firearm is the OSA less-lethal pistol. I had not heard of this weapon until I ran through google ‘four-barreled Russian handgun’


This weapon fires a 15mm rubber projectile or other types of ammunition (flashbang, marking, etc). It is quite common in the game.

Level Design: Most of the levels take place in a Russian city that is not identified as Moscow until later in the game. Or perhaps we were in a suburb, it is hard to say. My favorite levels were the PC level (surprise for you, no spoiler from me), and the jail break.

One odd segment was a room full of missing toilets it reminded me of JB Pritzker’s house.

Missing Toilet?

Final Analysis: This is a fun game with little to no story, but this first person beat-em up makes up for that with being a fast channel for stress relief. Blow off some steam while taking on the OMON and other Russian gangsters.


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