Stories Untold: A Sci-Fi Horror Text-Based Adventure

Stories Untold

Platform Played: PC

Price: Gift

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Developer: No Code

Background: I enjoy science fiction, not so much horror. However, this was a horror game that was pretty accessible to a non horror fan. And to add a bit of flair this is a text based game. I hadn’t played a text based software game since the Goldfinger one.



Mechanics/Gameplay/Difficulty: There’s not much to be said here in terms of bugs. This is a technically sound game with an approachable interface. The gameplay is straightforward. You type in what you are going to do. The first episode was easy to navigate. I cannot speak for the other episodes as I’ve not played those yet.

My Thoughts: This is a fun game. The first episode starts off as a fun trip to your family’s vacation home. However, your family’s home is not what it appears to be. You’ll be reminded of the Amityville Horror or Evil Dead when you play through the first episode. I will revisit this game in the near future.


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