Shipyard Export, A Wonderful Golden Ale


Beer: Shipyard Export

Brewery: Shipyard Brewing Company

Abv: 5.10%

Country of Origin: United States of America

Serving Method: Bottle poured into shaker pint

Beer Style: Golden Ale

Background: This is my second out of the Shipyard sampler pack that I’m reviewing. I’m new to Shipyard Brewing Company’s portfolio of fine ales and lagers. So far, I can say I love their stuff. This is the beer that made it all happen for them—I am not surprised at all. Frankly, they have a tremendous selection of beers. This snippet from their website goes into more depth.

Courtesy of Shipyard Brewing Company

For the purposes of my blog, I’m calling this a Golden Ale. Frankly, I’m in complete disagreement with Beer Advocate calling this a Blonde Ale. The color says it all. And this is a brownish-gold beer. It doesn’t look at all like my wife’s hair. Or Marilyn Monroe‘s, or Britney Spears’s hair.

Taste & Aroma: My nose detects a hint of molasses, a maple tinge, and a tea-like floral backbone in the aroma. The taste in any great beer though is the star. I enjoy the spicy, floral notes, and the crisp bite at the end. This is a beer I could get used to drinking on a more regular basis. I adore this ale.

Pending Analysis: I need to try this on tap. I’m learning to love Shipyard Brewing’s products. Try Old Thumper. I reviewed that one recently and it is one of the best beers I’ve ever had in recent memory.


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