What I’m Listening To: 12/20/2018 Snoopy’s Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen


Artist: The Royal Guardsmen

Song: ‘Snoopy’s Christmas’

Album: Snoopy Vs. The Red Barron [sic] should be The Red Baron, or if you want to get technical Der Rotë Kampfliger

Year Released: 1967

Composers: George David Weiss, Hugo & Luigi

In 1914, there really was a Christmas Truce. The computer game, Verdun featured it as a playable in-game event. Both the forces of the Entente and the Central powers came together to meet in No Man’s Land to put aside their political differences for awhile and celebrate Christ’s birth with chocolate, tea, coffee, schanapps, or something stronger.

Actors from a recent commerical.

“The Bloody Red Baron was flying again…”

In reality he wasn’t a pilot yet. He was in the cavalry.

Freiherr Manfred Von Richthofen

And Snoopy was not even in existence.

Here is Snoopy battling revisionist history

The Baron had Snoopy dead in his sights… he didn’t shoot.”


Snoopy has to fly to the Rhine where the Baron wishes him a Merry Christmas. Here’s that wish from me to you.

“Christmas bells ringing through the land…”

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